Monday, December 1, 2008

its just anotha mundane

Attack of the...Cauliflower?

My oh my, aren't just adorable? WHAT IF you could shear down the cauliflower for their non-wooly goodness and make a faux yarn out of em? What do you see in this picture? I have come up with the following:

-The tomato is their leader.
-The tomato is their dinner.
-Maybe they're lost and asking directions to the closest salad bar or balsamic vinaigrette swimming pool.

SO! Speaking of lamb, did yall hear about the No Doubt reunion and tour in the making? Its got some of my girls here all excited. Honestly, I dunno what to think of it. It could be good, I mean they used to be alright back in the day. Whatev.

I got a coupon from HalfPricedBooks today. I got all kinds of excited and went to the one thats like 5 miles from mi casa. To no avail, there was no Salinger. Well, not the one I wanted anyway so I swooped up another of Ayn Rands works, The Fountainhead to be exact. Looks like a long read. Hopefully its a tad more entertaining. There were a couple hundred I wanted to pick up but once again the money was lacking. Incredibly. :( OH! How I would love to adopt them all! I like to think of books as orphans. Orphans need homes. I have an apartment!?! Although my sun room (ud think its a terrible place to store books, but theres no direct sunlight) is crammed as it is already, I'd like to think that theres a reason that builders make ceiling that high. To accommodate books, silly!

OK! So typical me tried getting away from my responsibilities by filling in the time with doo hickies found on the net. Platitudes of joy when DH and I found this here do dad. Its some 'ultimate Flash Face' thingy. However, instead of making an avatar of moi or DH, I decided to make one that had both of our features. His archy brows (groomed of course to suit a female), the family nose from one of his aunts, my eyes? lol, and my big lips that I always resented growing up. Odd, I know. I'm not so sure this is what our child would look like, but its pretty darn tootin if it is. Her hair reminds me of mines in the 7th grade...just...tamer.

"Hey! Who forgot to turn off Wall-E?" I love how in the movie all the robots who are a lil messy, have a mind of their own, or those who don't follow directives of some kind are referred to as Rogue Robots. ha. Or how the ship is modeled after a Walmart with rockets and a swimming pool no one knows about. I also love how all the occupants of the ship are obese and have barely any bone mass to em. It just goes to show you what our predecessors are up against....especially now that we have to make commercials informing children on the value of playing for one hour outside everyday. wow. Who ever thought we would have to force kids outta the house to play??? Anywhy I bid y'all Cali peeps be blowing up my new celly! Smoooches.

oh Martha, how I love thee....

"i neva done it with a machine..."
"ya well its easy so how do you do it?"
"ya we in the hood we like wop wop wop!"

"oh you want me to take the skizzinn off of it, my bad!"
"well shake it down!" or "yabba dabba doo"
"i wanna taste yours"
"i need some chicken wings."

oh snoop, how I love thee.