Thursday, November 27, 2008

its 3 am and i must be lonely....

What happened to Matchbox20? 
Anywho...yea, as most of you know I've been suffering from a case of light insomnia. I've tried Ambien for a while, 3 weeks really, and it worked marvelously. I'd like to try solve this on my own tho. Pill popping can't be the way, can it? So since 
I've been sleeping at 8 or 9am these days, I have been clocking in about 4-6 hours daily. So I totally think I'm doing WAY better :)

5ish minutes after me waking up I get a call from Leticia asking for a ride home and whatever ish kinda things. So I stroll on over and we are off for a day of adventure. Firstly, she shows me the Volants she scored last nite after I briefly described em via Skype. She'd never heard or seen em b4 so I got all kinds of excited talking about em, and then to just see them appear b4 me, omg, it was like a dream come tru. tee hee. Another fun addition was the cashier in plain paper that she decorated for me with all my fave things :) One of the best parts was the gun that shot out rainbows. There were snowflakes, a tree, a cow, acorns, stars, books, flowers, a sewing machine, and even a 'whispering eye' ha ha ha ha It felt like christmas.

So we partook in some debauchery @NPC (NorthPark Center) mostly on her part seeing how she had the money to do the damage with. Went to Papersource where I basically drooled on everything. Off to Aldo for Ticia to get some mo flats. Off to Anthropologie where we both couldn't get anything...but inspiration is always free! Starbucks was next on the list and I gots me an injection of my Green Tea Latte on Ice! Ticia on the other hand, saw a cute boy and suddenly was infatuated with him, or maybe the idea of him? LOL. However, there were the local teeny boppers running amuk and doing nothing but causing drama and wasting perfectly good air. eh oh well. There were some uber cute red n white heart slip ons at Urban Outfitters. I also totally fell in love with this one pendant/locket that had a bee on the front. I LOVE ME SUM BUMBLEEY BEEEZ!!! Ticia scored herself a pair of the same slip ons but in brown. Paid my Albe's Macy's bill that never seems to go away. 


There! THAT'S fixed. Nothing a few bangs to the adjacent wall can't fix.

OK. Well, after NPC, we went off back home, but Ticia wanted to make a couple pit stops...Target, Steak & Shake, and Walmart.

OMG. Frisco Melt, FTW. 

We tried making it outta Walmart on the cheap, and I think that she did pretty well. For being the designated driver I got a cro hook and some black eco yarn. sweeet. Gotta make sure the cat doesnt find it this time, lol. Sometimes I leave my WIP's just out and about, and Loki the Mischevious comes by and plays with my cro hooks. lol. Doesn't his name suit him? However sometimes the hooks roll away elsewhere, and I dunno, I suppose hooks go to the same place missing socks from teh dryer go. We get to her place and i start up her scarf for one of her, 'START.'

I'm home now and decided to baptize my new moly with an illustrated version of Ticia. It kinda looks like her. The colouring is all off, but that's mostly my fault for not having all the prismacolors out at the same time. I dunno where my darker ones are, LAME.

Anywho, has annyone noticed the lil graphic on the bottom left corner? Is that supposed to make me feel good? Advanced? I ono...   maybe??? i'll take it! :) 

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