Tuesday, November 25, 2008

get yer ASSparagus outta my kitchen!?!

Oh my dears, it seems the partner in crime, Albe, completely disregarded our long established list of culinary rules: 

If I cook, he cleans...and vice versa
whoever consumes the last bit of rice in the cooker must wash out the pan
wipe a dirty counter
no dirrrty doggies in the kitch, period.

However, I am an incredibly lenient person when it comes to Albe and his culinary needs, but I do draw a line somewhere....and that somewhere is here.

If we run out of something, put it on the freaking list. Simple, yes? I have it this way mostly cause I never know when I will be on my way out to my loverly grocery store where the attendants swoon over my needs...or lack thereof. ha ha. A place where the flowers always look fresh and samples are at the ready for the hungry lunchtime foragers. Thats right, I'm talking about Whole Foods. What? You thought I was gonna say Sam's Club? lol. Well, I also go to Sprouts occasionally, but as of late it just seems so...so....uh, dismal? I certainly don't get the same satisfying shopping high that I get from Whole Foods. I wonder if they pump some sort of endorphine into the air conditioning like some casinos in Nevada do??? humm...Whatever gets the folks to buy! buy! buy!!! OH! WAIT! thats another thing I love about WF...all the prepacked goodness! I have yet to venture into the spa that's located upstairs, and I most definitely will have to go with one of the gal pals one of these days.

Anywho, I digress. Again, typically I am a forgiving person. However, fighting off old ladies for the last sweet potato at Walmart at 3 in the morn isn't my idea of bliss. Actually, it might give me nightmares. Ever steal sweet potato's from an old ladies cart while she wasn't lookin??? I have. ha. I also managed to score some Gala apples, yellow onions, some baby powder (for my sweaty hands when i crochet), a super rad notebook that I'll prolly annihilate in about 4 days, a couple manilla envelopes for a few mailings I gotta do, glue, and some Dingos for my Ein-nii. BTW, Ein totally learned how to "shake" hands now. I'm SO proud of my corgi!

On another note, I did discover another flavor of peanut butter. I've always explicitly enjoyed the yumminess of the White Choc PB, the other choc (i think its dark?) wasn't all the great. BUT! looky looky here! a new contender?! I'll totally try it in a couple hours and letcha know!

smooooooches my dears!

p.s. Im feeling a little guilty makin everyone switch to blooooggggger so I'm terrribly sorry. BUT! Hopefully this will be the new beginning. A beginning to something, uh, greater?

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Lauren said...

LOVE Skippy smooth peanut butter