Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Melancholy Goodness 2b Had

rain turns sand into mud
just as you turn me into somebody loved....

   Je t'aime Albe. 
Nerds rock. U=Nerd. so thru the transitive property, YOU ROCK. ha. 

OK having had typed that. I feel a little funny actually repeating it in my head. oh well, i told myself today i will stop censoring my responses and whatnots. lol. So. ok. i was feeling a lil under the weather, i suppose. i thought i'd never get over this mini cold i got from Albe last week so i've been loading up in echinacea and it totally worked. BUT! i totally told Albe that i was just sick and melancholy from being sick. naturally, he felt bad soooo he took me to Joann's super duper store of creative fun and let me go (almost) hog wild. that TOTALLY cheered me up :) scored some buttons, stickers, fabric (that honestly, i'll prolly neva use), and OF COURSE, some uber lofty skeins of yummy yarns. (can inedible objects BE yummy?)

and since my fave WF is right next door, i HAD to go in and score some garlic butter and some shrimpies and other goodies. sometimes i think i could live at a whole foods. i mean they have EVERYTHING there! i could even sleep and get massages upstairs! i hope that if i we do end up relocating AGAIN that we'd at least have a whole foods....and maybe even the 2 story variety :) and well, if we don't i at least would like to be back in cali. i miss it to pieces!

oh so yeah...i went to go pick up my painted ceramic from arts afire this afternoon. turned out pretty awesome, but i was a little disappointed when i saw that there were 3 freaking air bubbles in the finish on the black heart side. LAME-O!

in a totally unsmooth segue; martha (my macbook) only has 8gb free. i think its time i get a portable drive? yeah, one of em super sexy skinny ones! oh i hope that there is a badass sale at frys on black friday, or do i even want to be there on friday? hummmm....i wonder only cause i went to the one in san jose back in 2004 & 2005. 2004's was HORRIBLE! i was in line nearly 3 hours!? OMG! ha ha, although i must say i was pretty sneaky about it. while albe was in line i totally ninja looted an office chair from the pc department and rolled it over to where albe was standing. and yuppp, u got it, i SAT and rolled around in that thing. ha ha ha ha ....oh memories...

onto another unsmooth transition!!! who remember's Ditty? from like 1992? by paperboy. omg, i just randomly thought about the song and it brought back all these memories of my trying to outsmart my mom. silly silly debbstar. like thats possible?! so yeah, back in the day, being the good asian daughter that i wasn't, lol, i was required to play piano at least 2 hours a day whilst my madre parked her toosh onto the couch close by. i HATED playing piano infront of ppl, and i think that if i still played i would STILL hate it, but i digress. so one day i decided to bust out my tape recorder, yes we had tape recorders!, and record myself playing piano....yadda yadda....
soooo, one day madre was like stompin her foot around and demanding that i play, so i do....and maybe a minute into her falling asleep on the couch...i reach for the tape recorder and press play. ha!!! i was totally free and could do anything i wanted!  i went outside. i played in the mud and made hotels for the rolly pollys in my backyard. bugs need homes, too! unfortunately i was a 4 hour tape, and as previously stated, i only practiced for two hours....and when that two hours was up...DITTY came on blaring hella loud and woke my mom up. omg! NO! hell hath no fury like a mother ALMOST duped by her 11 year old daughter. as soon as i heard her hollering my 'real name' that she reserved for those 'special occasions' i knew the jig was up. i bolted. ran ran ran. but upon my arrival back home, i got the filipino beating of a lifetime. lol. funny how songs trigger memories. and this one was funny, lol.

ANOTHER note. im uber sorry for being unfocused tonite?! lol, and giggly?! yarn can do that to a person. hi my name is debbie and yes, i am an addict.

"Don't wait for leaders. Do it alone, person to person." -Mother Teresa

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CharlieBrown said...

"Hotels for rolly pollys" ... f'n hilarious